The Perfect Gift For Twenty Sixth Wedding Anniversary

What is so special about the 26th wedding anniversary? Well, 26th year is a special year in many ways. A couple lasting for 26 years is not a small feat. It needs to be celebrated. You don’t need to worry as you have plenty of ideas before you to choose from. It is important to give a worthy gift to your spouse for the 26th year. Well, we don’t want to confuse you any further. Here is the clue. It is something to do with the original photo.

Gift of original photos

Yes, on the 26th wedding anniversary, you are supposed to give original photos to your spouse as a wedding anniversary gift. But let’s not stress too much on the word original here. Then what do we mean by the word original? Good question. Is it about the photos being one of a kind? Is it about two separate photos of the spouses? What about original photo of anything? Well, we agree that the term ‘original photos’ is really confusing. What is the big deal about original photo? Well, let’s see what it means below. When it comes to special occasions in general, husbands buy quality diamonds Hong Kong for their wives. But here things are different.

Unraveling the mystery

Well, we are going to unravel the mystery at last. On your 26th wedding anniversary, you will drag your spouse to the nearest photo studio to take a wedding portrait of the two of you. People usually do that on the 25th wedding anniversary. However, if you had missed it, then here is your opportunity to make that happen. However, when you go to the local photo studio, you have to make sure that you have dressed up like a couple who just had their actual wedding. As for the wife, she can check if her old dress still fits. If it doesn’t fit, then you can buy a new one. As for the men, they need to buy a new tuxedo. You have to make sure that you look your best. You are creating a memory for years to go. So you shouldn’t take half measures here. You should go all-in here. Once you are done with the photo session, you have to pick out a large frame for the photo. This is one is going to be on the wall of your home, for everyone to see. So, the size does matter here. There is no need to buy diamonds rings collection on this page. Simple photos will do the trick.

Not a fan of portraits?

If you are not a fan of portraits, there is another idea you can try. How about a photo album? Yes, buy a photo album and arrange old photos in chronological order in the album. And there must be fun captions for each photo, so that your spouse will have a good time reading it.